Golra Sharif

Golra Sharif stands as a renowned center of Islamic wisdom and spiritual enlightenment, situated in Sector E-11, Islamabad, Pakistan. This section furnishes historical context regarding the arrival of the ancestors of Hazrat Pir Syed Mehr Ali Shah (RA) to bless the quaint village of Golra Sharif.

16 Shawwal, 1445 h Thursday


Pir Syed Roshan Din Gilani (RA) and Pir Syed Rasul Shah Gilani (RA) were the pioneers of this Institution of great repute who had migrated from Sadhora, District Ambala (now Yamunanagar district, Ambala Division, State of Haryana), India, around the end of 12th Hijra century, 1760-61 A.D., to Golra Sharif; a town of District Rawalpindi at that time (now part of the Capital City, Islamabad, Pakistan). They started preaching the true faith of Islam in this part of the continent, during the Sikh’s Regime in Punjab. Pir Syed Roshan Din Gilani was succeeded by his son, Pir Syed Ghulam Shah Gilani (RA) whose son Pir Syed Nazar Din Gilani (RA) excelled in the virtues of piety and godliness and became the guiding star of a multitude of followers.

Pir Syed Nazar Din Gilani (RA) was an embodiment of divine knowledge, highest moral fibre and richly endowed with honesty, integrity, courage of conviction and the most decent manners, the hallmark of a true Muslim and a noble human being. Pir Syed Nazar Din Gilani (RA) was blessed with three sons among whom Pir Syed Mehr Ali Shah Gilani (RA) was the most prominent due to his scholarly and saintly attributes. After he passed away, his son Pir Syed Ghulam Mohyuddin Gilani (RA), commonly known as “Babuji Sahib (RA)” continued following his illustrious father. Pir Syed Ghulam Mohyuddin Gilani (RA) breathed his last in 1974 and his two sons namely; Pir Syed Ghulam Moin ud Din Gilani (RA) commonly known as Lala Ji and Pir Syed Shah Abdul Haq Gilani (RA), called Lala Ji Sarkar, assumed the overarching responsibility for the shrine following the footsteps of their Father and Grandfather.

After Pir Syed Shah Abdul Haq Gilani’s (RA) demise on 30th July 2020, Pir Syed Moin ul Haq Gilani assumed the sacred responsibility of leading the Faithful to the path of righteousness and followed his ancestors’ line with a firm resolve and has, since been performing the duties as the Chief Custodian of the Holy Shrine of Golra Sharif.


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